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Meep is an open source electromagnetic simulator. It was developed by some smart guys at MIT; hence the name, MIT Electromagnetic Equation Propagation (MEEP). Now you know, it has nothing to do with road runner. The primary benefit to Meep is, it is completely FREE.

The first thing you will notice is the lack of a graphical user interface (GUI). At first, this can make it harder to get started but don't get scared away. The guys who created Meep also created an amazing wiki. The wiki has all the information you need, including installation instructions and tutorials.

Meep is a command line driven program. Yes, we are all used to having a gui now a days but the guys who created Meep are pretty smart and if they wanted a gui, they wouldn't created one. So why didn't they? Because Meep is command line driven, it is incredibly easy to automate. There is no need to manually change a parameter and simulate over and over again. Simply write a script to sweep a parameter and call Meep at each interval. This is exactly what the Meep Kit does.

Meep Intro:
Some information on getting started. If you're interested in Meep but have no clue what it is, this is the place to start.

Meep Kit:
Running simulation after simulation can be boring and time consuming. The kit allows you to drop any number of control files in a folder and simulate them all at once. It will even compare data and create plots using Octave.

Kit Examples:
This is where you can see how the kit is used and the results it can produce.

Kit Download:
Download the Kit and let me know what you think.

I am no expert with Meep or any EM simulator and do not guarentee the results of anything on this page. Please verify any results found using the kit. Just because I put this stuff on the web does not mean I know what I'm talking about. I share the kit simply because it made my life easier and may be helpful to someone else. Who knows, maybe this kit will provide a starting point for someone else to produce a new and improved Meep kit.